CSPF: Digital ID for Inclusive Development? Emerging evidence on social exclusion and its broader implications


Location: SEC Virtual 03

Description:This event is open to all Annual Meeting registrants. National scale digital ID systems are increasingly relevant to the operation of public and private service delivery – from the delivery of COVID-19 emergency cash transfer to access to public health care and SIM-cards. While digital ID systems are introduced with the promise of better access to public and private services, panel members will present research in countries like Uganda, Kenya and India which shows emerging evidence of exclusion from such services that are tied to digital ID. This panel will present some of this research and how it may undermine the proposed benefits of digital ID systems for inclusive development. The discussion will focus on how to prevent and address such exclusion and the role of stakeholders, including the Bank, UN system, other development partners and CSOs.*CSPF Website|https://www.worldbank.org/en/events/2021/10/08/civil-society-policy-forum**Meetings Login Page|https://meetingslogin.worldbank.org/*