Strengthening Fiscal Institutions to Support Good Governance and Combat Corruption


Location: Cedar Hall, HQ1-1-660

Bad governance and corruption take a toll on economic growth and diminish the opportunities to lift people from poverty. On the fiscal side, they reduce the ability for a government to collect taxes, spend money efficiently, deliver key public services, support a country’s sustainable and inclusive growth, and exit the fragility trap. Amidst the ongoing, multipronged shocks, it is therefore essential to promote good governance and strengthen fiscal institutions. This event will shed light on the tools developed by the IMF to support member countries and discuss the Blockchain experience in Guinea Bissau.



Racheeda Boukezia, Senior Economist, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

Racheeda Boukezia is a senior economist at the Fiscal Affairs Department. She specializes in public finance, especially in fragile and conflict states. In recent years, she has been working on fiscal transparency, public investment management, cash management and governance. She has led over 20 missions in all geographic areas. She prepared and delivered the second IMF training on corruption for sub-Saharan countries and her current analytical work focuses on governance in fragile environments.


Joel A. Turkewitz, Deputy Unit Chief, Legal Department, International Monetary Fund

Joel A. Turkewitz is the Deputy Unit Chief in the IMF Legal Department at its headquarters in Washington DC, where he specializes in anticorruption and rule of law issues. In this capacity, Joel is involved in elaborating and operationalizing the Fund’s 2018 strengthened governance policy.  Joel joined the IMF recently after a 20-year career working with the World Bank on governance and anticorruption. He has worked and written on anticorruption approaches and experiences and has extensive country experience across Asia and Africa.


Concha Verdugo-Yepes, Senior Economist, African Department, International Monetary Fund

Concepcion Verdugo-Yepes is an African Department senior economist. She has also served in both the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs and Legal Department (2008-2020), where she specialized in fighting corruption. She led governance missions and the preparation and delivery of the first IMF training on corruption for 34 Sub-Saharan countries. She is currently leading the implementation of an IMF/Ernst and Young Blockchain pilot project to enhance the wage bill transparency and accountability at the Guinea Bissau’s Ministries of Finance and Public Administration.