New Economy Forum: The Future of FinTech in Latin America


Location: Meeting Halls A&B, HQ1-3-430A&B

Video on demand coming soon.

Some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean showcase a dynamic private sector working collaboratively with central banks to enhance financial inclusion and increase the efficiency of financial systems through a rapid adoption of digital payments. This is key for a very unequal region with still substantial gaps in financial inclusion and weak economic growth potential. 

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) can help create a platform for further innovations from Fintech. CBDC could also help modernize the financial system and provide a level playing field by leveraging new technologies.  

In this panel, private and public sectors representatives would help identify how to benefit from collaborating in digitalizing payments and enhancing innovation and competition, while managing risks that may arise.


Ilan Goldfajn

Ilan Goldfajn is Director of the Western Hemisphere Department in the IMF. He was Governor of the Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) from May 2016 until February 2019, overseeing implementation of significant regulatory changes that opened the door to new players in the financial services industry, spurred innovation, and digitalization, and fostered the growth of fintech companies that has had a positive impact on Brazil’s financial sector. In 2017, he was elected Central Banker of the Year by The Banker magazine; and the year after, he was named Best Central Banker by Global Finance magazine. Mr. Goldfajn’s experience in the private sector include positions as Chief Economist and Partner of Itaú Unibanco, founding Partner of Ciano Investimentos, and Partner and Economist at Gávea Investimentos—three leading financial institutions in Brazil. More recently he was the Chairman of Credit Suisse Brazil’s Advisory Board. He has taught economics at various universities in Brazil and the United States. He has worked as an editor of various publications, as well as written and published numerous articles and books. Mr. Goldfajn holds a PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a master’s degree in Economics from the Pontifíca Universidade Católica and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Universidade Federal, both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Diego Labat

Diego Labat is the President of the Board of the Central Bank of Uruguay since March 2020. He served as Director of ANCAP, the state owned oil company, from 2015 to 2020, and has been a member of the  boards of several subsidiaries. He has been on the faculty of the University of the Republic and private universities in Uruguay for more than 20 years, and has a vast experience in the financial sector in his country and abroad. He holds degrees in Economics (1996) and Accounting (1993) from the School of Economic Sciences of the University of the Republic in Uruguay and Master’s degree studies in International Economics.

Eduardo Torres-Llosa

Eduardo Torres-Llosa is currently General Manager of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). Previously he held several senior banking positions, notably as General Manager of BBVA-Peru (2007–2019); Director of BBVA–Uruguay (2019-2022); Director of Financiera Confianza, a BBVA microfinance investment vehicle in Peru (2019-2022); and President of the CEO Committee of Peru’s Bank Association (2012-2018), among others. He holds a BA degree from Lima’s Universidad del Pacífico and a Master’s degree from KU Leuven; and is a graduate from BBVA Business School’s Leadership Program (Madrid, 2005-2007), Columbia University/MIT’s Digital Strategies Program (Lima, 2019-2020), and IMD’s Digital Transformation in Practice Program (Lima, 2021). He is the author of the book “Digitalize Yourself: Where to Start?” (Penguin Random House, 2020).

Youssef Lahrech

Youssef Lahrech is President of Nubank, a position he has held since August 2022, and Chief Operating Officer, a position he has held since 2020. He reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for running the company day to day, including the performance of products, platforms, marketing, and country operations, as well as corporate functions. Before joining Nubank in 2020, he spent 19 years at Capital One helping build and grow businesses in Canada and the United States, serving in a number of roles involving product, analytics, risk, and technology. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the Ecole Polytechnique and a degree in Engineering from the École des Ponts ParisTech, both in France, as well as a Master’s in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.