Capacity Development Talk on Environmental and Climate Change Statistics: Building Statistical Capacity to Support Climate Resilience Policy


Location: AB02 Irhoud


The event will be streamed on this page.



The availability of environmental and climate change statistics is uneven across countries, including among advanced economies. Unfortunately, most low-income and some emerging countries do not have the capacity to develop and disseminate these statistics and capacity development support is needed. The Environmental and Climate Change Statistics Capacity Development Program of the IMF’s Statistics Department (STA) seeks to provide IMF member countries with the tools, resources, and technical capacity to develop a range of environmental and climate change statistics that can inform financial and macroeconomic policies. The program builds on STA’s existing capacity development efforts in the areas of National Accounts, Government Finance Statistics, Balance of Payments Statistics and Monetary and Financial Statistics. The Environmental and Climate Change Statistics Capacity Development Program can be seen as an extension of these programs leveraging many of the concepts, classifications and methods used to produce macroeconomic statistics. This linkage facilitates the use of these data in the development of macroeconomic and financial policy, IMF surveillance and lending, including through the Resilience and Sustainability Trust (RST). The program complements the work being undertaken by other international organizations in this area.   



Alessandra Alfieri
Assistant Director, Statistics Department, IMF 


Ms. Alessandra Alfieri is currently Assistant Director in the Statistics Department of the IMF, where she leads the program on environment and climate change statistics. Prior to joining the IMF, she worked for 30 years at the United Nations holding different positions in environment and economic statistics. She led the program on Environmental Economic Accounts at the United Nations where she oversaw the development of statistical standards, including the adoption of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting and country implementation. She holds a PhD in statistics from the University of Iowa. 






Abdur Rouf Talukder
Governor, Bangladesh Bank

Mr. Abdur Rouf Talukder, former Senior Finance Secretary, joined as the 12th Governor of Bangladesh Bank on 12 July 2022. Mr. Talukder started his professional career in 1988 as a member of the Bangladesh Civil Service. He served in various capacities in the government for more than 34 years of his career. He was appointed as the Finance Secretary in July 2018 and promoted to Senior Secretary in October 2020. Before being appointed the Finance Secretary, he worked for more than 18 years in various positions within the Finance Division. Mr. Talukder holds an M.Sc. in Development Management from the University of Birmingham, UK and an MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka. In addition, he attended a number of professional training courses at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Boston, USA; IMF Institute, Washington DC, USA; Crown Agents Professional Development Center, London, UK; National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, Japan; Institute of Public Finance (IPF), Dhaka, etc. 

Jim Tebrake
Deputy Director, Statistics Department, IMF 


Jim Tebrake is currently the Deputy Director of the Statistics Department at the International Monetary Fund.  His main responsibilities include overseeing the Fund’s new Data Gaps Initiative, Climate Change Statistics program, as well as oversight for the economic and environmental accounting frameworks. Jim’s current research includes developing improved frameworks and methods to account for financial innovation, the informal economy, globalization, digitalization, well-being and sustainability. Prior to joining the IMF in August 2019 Jim held several positions at Statistics Canada including, Assistant Chief Statistician, Economic Statistics and Director General of the Macroeconomic Accounts Branch.