The 2020 Annual Meetings will be held over a period of three weeks in the middle of October. The Annual Meetings speeches, Ministerial Meetings, and  majority of the other events will take place during the week of October 12-18, 2020. Due to health and safety concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic, Annual Meetings events will be conducted in a primarily virtual format.

Attendance at the virtual Annual Meetings is by invitation only. All participants must be accredited in advance of the Meetings. To facilitate accreditation and registration, participants are divided into five different categories, described below. Please determine your registration category and submit your registration request accordingly.

Registration for the 2020 Annual Meetings is now open.

Participants who register for the 2020 Annual Meeting will have access to a range of features designed to offer a rich and engaging experience, tailored to virtual environment. For example, you will have:

• The ability to create a personalized events calendar and subscribe to Meetings related communications.

 • The opportunity to make contacts and network virtually with other Annual Meetings participants

 • The chance to participate in informal meetings with IMF economists and join online discussion forums.

Participants are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible to avoid delays.