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Last Updated on May 25, 2023


Badge Pick-up

The 2023 Annual Meetings official registration badges can be picked up at the venue. The registration site is outside the security perimeter and you are not required to display a badge to access this area.


All persons must display their Annual Meetings photo identification badges to board the shuttle buses or enter through the perimeter checkpoints. It is not advisable, however, to wear identification badges in public outside the perimeter, especially if there are demonstrators nearby.


Registration for the 2023 Annual Meetings will open on June 16, 2023.

Registration Desks

Information coming soon.

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Simplified entry formalities for Annual Meetings participants.

The visa is an authorization of entry and stay for a limited period of time on the Moroccan territory and is issued by the competent Moroccan authority.The Kingdom of Morocco will take all necessary steps to facilitate the granting of visas to participants.

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Bab Ighli, Route d’AMIZIZ, Marrakech, Maroc/Morocco


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A security perimeter will be established around the Annual Meetings venues. Only registered participants with Annual Meetings ID badges will be able to enter the security checkpoints and individuals and their belongings may be subject to security screening. Participants are strongly advised to allow adequate time for this process. 


An Annual Meetings ID badge is required for access inside the security perimeter and entry into all meetings venues. Some meetings and events may have additional access restrictions. Participants will be notified in advance of any special requirements.

Emergency Guidelines

For information on emergency and evacuation procedures, please see the emergency instructions information at the host country website.

General Safety


  • In an emergency, the buildings may be evacuated or you may be told to remain indoors until the situation has been resolved. In either instance, you will be notified by public address announcement, messages on digital signage/video monitors, or by security personnel.
  • Visibly display your Meetings ID badge at all times inside the venues. Keep your ID badge in a secure place when outside the security perimeter, but readily accessible in order to display upon request at security checkpoints.
  • If you lose your badge, immediately notify Annual Meetings staff.
  • Do not leave laptops, mobile phones, or other personal items unattended.
  • Avoid areas where crowds are congregating. If your entry into the buildings is impeded by demonstrators, seek assistance from security or Police.
  • Accept, without comment, printed materials offered by demonstrators; do not engage in conversations or debates.
  • Obey the instructions of police and security officers at all times

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Information coming soon.

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Information coming soon.

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Participants are encouraged to make their hotel reservations as soon as possible. Please click here for more details.

Please click here for hotel information for OED and IMF Staff.

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Helpful Phrases



Good morning / Good evening

Salam Alekum / Msal'khir



How are you?


Fine, thank you, and you?

Labass hamdoullah

I understand / I don't understand

Fhamt / Ma Fhamtch

It was delicious

Lay i âtik ssaha !

Yes / No

Wakha / La

Thank you (very much)

Choukran (choukran bezaf)

My name is...

Brit Nemchi

I would like to go to ...

Tolong saya

How much is it?




Where is ...? / How can I get to ...?

Fayne ? / Kif nemchi li… ?




Aâtkouni !

I'm lost

Jlit rassi


El Ma

I am allergic

Fiya al hassassiya

Have a nice day !

Lay i aâouen !


Participants are strongly advised to arrange for their own insurance for individual travel, medical care and personal effects while attending the Meetings. Participants at the 2023 Annual Meetings are not covered for insurance purposes by the World Bank Group, IMF, or the Government of Morocco, nor will these institutions accept responsibility for costs related to re-booking travel, personal injuries, loss or damage to participants’ personal properties.


The host Government has provided information regarding local tourism packages for participants who may wish to explore Morroco. Information on the Tourism program is available on the Host Government website.

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