The Center is staffed with a Center coordinator, four resident advisors, and four support staff. The Center coordinator has responsibility for leadership and management of the Center’s activities and staff. The resident advisors deliver training and advice in their respective areas of competence, and coordinate with other technical assistance providers. The Center also makes significant use of short-term experts.

Center Coordinator: Mr. Mario Mansour

Prior to joining METAC, Mr. Mario Mansour was Deputy Chief of the Tax Policy Division at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), where he coordinated the provision of technical assistance advice in tax policy to IMF member countries and contributed to the IMF analytical agenda. Mario has over 25 years of experience, has advised on taxation in over 40 countries of all income levels, and has published on a wide range of tax issues. Before joining the IMF in 2004, Mario worked as a tax analyst at the Canadian Department of Finance, and with a private Canadian consultancy where he led technical assistance projects in the Middle East and the Eastern Caribbean.


Banking Supervision Advisor: Mr. Didier Casier

Mr. Didier Casier is a Belgian national with 25 years of central banking experience. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in banking regulation and supervision, gained in the National Bank of Belgium and as a resident advisor of the International Monetary Fund. His specialization includes implementation of Basel II and III frameworks, risk-based supervision, consolidated supervision, dealing with weak banks, supervisory interventions and international financial reporting standards. During 2016-2019, as the IMF banking regulation and supervision advisor in Ukraine, Didier supported the efforts of the National Bank of Ukraine in implementing far reaching banking sector reforms and developing the institutional capacity in banking regulation and supervision. He animated numerous workshops to the National Bank of Ukraine school of banking supervision, and hands-on training to the banking inspectors and supervisors during the performance of their off-site and on-site supervision activities.


Real Sector Statistics Advisor: Mr. Issam Al Sammak

Mr. Issam Alsammak, a Canadian national, has joined METAC in October 2018, as new resident advisor on Real Sector Statistics with over 12 years of experience in national accounts. Prior to joining METAC, Mr. Alsammak was Assistant Director at Statistics Canada’s Industry Accounts Division, were he was primarily responsible for the compilation of the annual national and provincial supply and use tables; the reconciliation of the income and expenditure accounts with the benchmark estimates; and the development of other statistical products such as Canada’s transportation satellite account. Mr. Alsammak professional experience also included delivering technical assistance to countries in the Caribbean as part of a Canada-funded project to advance national accounts statistics in the region. Mr. Alsammak is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Canada.


Public Financial Management Advisor: Mr. Xavier Rame

Mr. Xavier Rame, is a French national, with more than 20 years of experience on public financial management (PFM). Prior joining METAC, Mr. Rame was a senior economist at the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, and delivered and coordinated PFM technical assistance to a large number of countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Mr. Rame’s professional experience includes senior manager positions in international consulting firms, lecturer on public management at the French Ecole Nationale d’Administration, coordinator of the financial audit team at the French Court of accounts, and Treasury inspector at the French Ministry of Budget. Mr. Rame holds Master’s degrees in International Economics from University of Aix-Marseille III and in Political Science from University of Nice. He is also an alumnus of the French National Treasury School.


Revenue Administration Advisor: Mr. Stoyan Markov

Mr. Stoyan Markov is a Bulgarian national with deep knowledge and extensive experience in revenue administration gained in the Bulgarian administration, and as resident advisor of the IMF and the European Commission. Mr. Markov has 16 years of experience at the Revenue administration and Ministry of Finance in Bulgaria, where he managed Bulgaria’s Revenue Administration Reform Project (RARP) funded by the World Bank (2003-09), and as director of tax policy, led the accession negotiations with the European Commission on taxation and the harmonization of the tax legislation with EU regulations. During 2014-2015, he was the resident advisor of the European Commission Task Force in Greece, and since 2015, the IMF Revenue Administration Advisor in Ukraine, supporting the efforts of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in planning and implementing revenue administration reforms.


 Office Manager: Ms. Anita Semaani


Driver/Clerk: Mr. Fadi Mehrez


Admin. Assistant: Ms. Ingrid Nehme


Admin. Assistant: Ms. Nathalie Tawil


Local Security Coordinator: Mr. Rayan Ghafary