IMF’s recent engagements on infrastructure governance

Public Investment Management Assessment (PIMA) December 2015
Follow up on PIMA recommendations February 2016
Follow up on PIMA and Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) April 2017
Follow up on PIMA and MTEF October 2017
Follow-up on PIMA March 2018
PIMA Follow-up April 2018
PIMA Update May 2023
Climate PIMA (C-PIMA) May 2023



Summary of PIMA report

(Published in April 2016)

This paper assesses public investment in the Republic of Kosovo. Public investment levels in Kosovo have exceeded comparator counties’ over the last four years, partially owing to the need to build up its relatively low level of capital stock. Despite the high level of spending, the efficiency of Kosovo’s public investment is relatively low. Most of Kosovo’s public investment institutions are of good or medium strength on paper, but much weaker in their practical implementation. Planning institutions for investment are comprehensive but not fully effective. Systems for allocating funds for capital investment are assessed good or medium, with some implementation gaps.


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