Preliminary Schedule of Events

This is a tentative schedule and subject to changes. A detailed schedule will be available in the coming weeks. Please check back often for the latest information.

Tuesday, April 17

9:00AM - 10:00AM   Press Briefing: World Economic Outlook 

Wednesday, April 18

8:00AM - 8:45AM   Press Briefing: Global Financial Stability Report 
9:15AM - 10:00AM   Press Briefing: Fiscal Monitor

Thursday, April 19

8:45AM - 9:30AM   Press Briefing: IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
11:00AM - 2:30PM   G-20 Finance and Central Bank Deputies' Meeting Working Lunch
3:00PM - 10:00PM   G-20 Deputies Communique Drafting Session
7:30PM - 9:30PM   G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Working Dinner

Friday, April 20

9:00AM - 11:30AM   G-20 Finance Ministers' and Central Bank Governors' Meeting
12:15PM - 12:45PM   Press Briefing: G-20 Presidency
2:30PM - 4:00PM   IMFC Opening Session: Global Developments and Prospects
4:30PM - 6:00PM   Early Warning Exercise
6:15PM - 12:00AM   IMFC Communique Drafting Session

Saturday, April 21

8:00AM - 9:30AM   IMFC Restricted Breakfast: Dialogue on Policy Challenges
9:30AM - 9:45AM   IMF Governors Photo
10:00AM - 12:30PM   IMFC Plenary Session
4:30PM - 6:00PM   Press Briefing: IMFC Chairman and Managing Director