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Registration for the 2019 Spring Meetings will open in February 2019.

Attendance to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group (WBG) Spring Meetings is by invitation only. All participants must be accredited in advance of the Meetings. To facilitate accreditation and registration, the participants are divided into different categories, described below. Please determine your registration category and submit your registration request accordingly.

Participants are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Register Here

Registration Desk & Badge Pick-up

The Main Registration Desk will be located in the I Building lobby (1850 I Street, NW) and will open at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, April 8, and remain open each day until the close of the meetings on Sunday, April 14. All participants are urged to register promptly. Participants are required to show passports or other means of government-issued photo identification and, as Spring Meetings identification badges must bear a current photograph of the registrant, participants must be photographed and obtain their individual registration badge. Spring Meetings registration badges will be required prior to entry into the Spring Meetings venues.

A satellite registration desk, for the use of Executive Directors offices only, will be located in the lobby of the IMF HQ1 Building, from Monday, April 8, through Sunday, April 14. Hours of operation will reflect those of the Main Registration Desk.

Click  here for complete information on Meetings registration.


Spring Meetings badges will allow participants to access all IMF and WBG buildings from Monday, April 8, through Sunday, April 14, with the exception of Delegate badges which expire on Friday, April 19. 

Press Badges grant access to the press room, press conferences, and press briefings. Members of the press must be accompanied by a staff escort within office areas at all times. Members of the press requiring building access after April 14 must comply with IMF/WBG visitor procedures.


All participants must present their Spring Meetings photo identification badges or IMF/WBG staff badges to enter through the perimeter checkpoints. A badge should always be displayed inside the security perimeter. It is not advisable, however, to wear identification badges in public outside the perimeter, especially if there are demonstrators nearby.

The usual procedures of granting visitor passes at IMF buildings and WBG buildings will be suspended for Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14.

Guests who are invited to attend the Spring Meetings' events in the IMF and WBG on Saturday, April 13, and Sunday, April 14, must register for a Spring Meetings’ Guest badge. 

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All participants should ensure that passports are valid for at least six months from the date of entry and consult information provided by the U.S. Department of State for the latest information on visas and entry requirements. Additional information regarding visa and travel restrictions can be found at the Department of Homeland Security.


If visas are required, applications should be made as early as possible to allow sufficient time for processing.

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The 2019 Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group will be held in Washington, D.C, Monday, April 8, to Sunday, April 14.


700 19th Street, NW


1900 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

World Bank

1818 H Street, NW



IMF Buildings

HQ1 – 700 19th Street, NW

• ATM (Level 1)
• Bistro (Level 2)
• Cafe (Level 2)
• Cafe Kiosk (Level 1)
• Gift Shop (Level 1)
• Information (Level 1, Lobby)
• IMF Publications (Red Level, Gallery) 
• Business Center Conference Rooms (Levels Red-8)

I Square – 1825 I Street, NW
1919 Penn – 1919 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
1899 Penn – 1899 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

HQ2 – 1900 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

HQ2 Floorplans:

Level 3
Level 2
Level 1

• ATM (Level 1 – H street)
• Credit Union (Level 1 – H street)
• Bistro (Level 2)
• Cafe (Level 2)
• Civil Society Lounge (Level 3)
• Information (Level 1) 
• IMF Publications (Level 1) 
• Media Partners Publication (Level 2)
• Press Center (Level 2)
• Interpreters' Lounge (Level 4)
• Business Center (Level 3)
• Business Center Conference Rooms (Levels 3-6, 10-12)

World Bank Group Buildings

Main Complex (MC) Building – 1818 H Street, NW

• AM Merchandise (Lobby)
• ATM (Main Lobby & Level C1)
• Atrium Café (Level 2, Mon - Sun)
• Banking Services (Level C2)
• Business Center (Main Lobby, Tues - Sun, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
• Business Center Conference Rooms (Levels 2-11)
• Cafeteria (Level C1, Mon - Sat)
• Event/Meeting Rooms (Level C2-13)
• Executive Dining Room (Level C1, Mon - Sun)
• Health Room (Level C2)
• Information (Level 1)
• Indonesia 2018 Exhibit (Level C2)
• Millennium Café (Level C1, Mon - Fri only)
• Publications (Atium, Level 1, Wed - Sat only)

C Building – 1225 Connecticut Avenue, NW

F Building – 2121 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

G Building – 1776 G Street, NW

I Building – 1850 I (Eye) Street, NW

• Café (Level 2, Mon - Fri)
• Cafeteria (Level 1, Mon - Fri)
• Civil Society Rooms (Level 2, Mon - Fri)
• Registration (Mon - Sun, 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.) 

J Building – 701 18th Street, NW

• Business Center Conference Rooms (Levels 2-11)
• Business Lounge (Level 1)
• Cafeteria (Level 1) 
• Visitor Center (Level 1 – access from street) 

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Information will be coming soon.

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Requesting a Meeting Room

IMF Internal only link to EMS meeting room booking system.

For questions or information on requesting spaces:

Information Desks

Information Desks will be set up in HQ1 and HQ2 to handle general inquiries. HQ1 Information desk will be staffed from Monday , April 8, through Sunday, April 14, and HQ2 Information desk will be staffed from Monday, April 8, through Sunday, April 14.

Registration Counters for the Spring Meetings will open on Monday morning, April 8, at the Main Registration Desk located in the lobby of the I Building (1850 I Street, NW). Registration will operate through Sunday, April 14. Delegate badges for the Spring Meetings will be valid for entry into all Spring Meetings buildings from Monday, April 8, through Sunday, April 14. 

IMF and WBG Staff, including field office staff who have headquarters-issued regular IMF/WBG staff IDs, will be permitted to access all buildings with their staff photo ID and do NOT need to register unless attending Meetings where additional credentials are required.

Banking Services

Limited banking services, including cashing of travelers checks and foreign exchange, are available in the IMF and WBG Headquarters during regular business hours but will be closed over the Spring Meetings weekend.

Automatic teller machines are located in the following buildings:

IMF HQ1 – Level 1, Main Lobby

IMF HQ2 – Level 1, West Lobby

WBG MC – Level C1, Level C2, and Main Lobby near the NW elevators

WBG J Building – Main Lobby

Local Banks

Business Centers

Business Centers with Wi-Fi access, internet-ready, scanners/copiers, networking spaces and two attendants will be available in the IMF’s HQ2 (Location TBD), open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday, April 8, to Sunday, April 14, and in the World Bank’s MC building.

Business Center Conference Rooms:

Business Center Conference Rooms will be available in the IMF’s HQ1 and HQ2 buildings and the WBG’s J and MC buildings. In the IMF they can be reserved through the “Book a Meeting” link on the IMF Connect platform, by phone at (202) 623-0678, or email: IMF, Executive Business Center. In the WBG, these rooms can be reserved through the Bank’s EMS system or via These conference rooms can be reserved in 30 minutes windows for up to two hours.

Delegations requiring conference space in the IMF buildings should contact Ms. Isabel Cheng by e-mail at or by phone at (202) 623-9921.

All queries regarding conference space in WBG buildings should be directed to Mr. Sholto Stewart by email at or by phone at (202) 522-8299.

For additional information:

For inquiries about Business Center Operations, please contact, 202-623-0678, or, 202-522-8299.

IMF Connect

A booth with experts will be available to address issues with access and other questions about IMF Connect during the week of the meetings. The exact location of the booth will be available by March 2019. For questions about IMF Connect please contact

Cultural Program

Information will be coming soon.

Food & Beverage

Outlets offering diverse and reasonably priced food options will be arranged throughout the meetings venues. There will be coffee bistros in each building, and cafeterias and restaurants located throughout the campus. 


Health and medical service will be provided by the MedStar Health Clinic, which is located in the Bank MC Building, Level C2. In addition to the normal weekday operations, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., the Health Clinic will be available, as needed, on Saturday, April 13, and Sunday, April 14. Participants who have medicines requiring refrigeration may use the facilities in the Health Clinic for this purpose.

Emergency ambulance service can be requested by dialing 88888 from within any WBG building and dialing 39911 from within any IMF building. For emergencies outside the IMF/WBG buildings, dial 911.


The IMF Publications Program will have a booth set up in the HQ1 lobby from Tuesday, April 9, through Sunday, April 14. Staff will be on hand to provide demonstrations of the IMF eLibrary and answer questions about the IMF Publications Program. Some complimentary publications will be available at the booth and other locations in HQ1 and HQ2.

Wi-Fi Access

Complimentary Wi-Fi Access will be available in all venues during the week of the Spring Meetings. The Wi-Fi passcode will be posted throughout the meetings venues.  

Gift Shop

IMF branded products can be found on the official  Souvenirs link. To purchase any of the items below (and others), please visit the IMF Gift Shops in the Lobby area of HQ1 or send an email with your request to

Document Services

Official Documents

All official documents and members’ statements will be published on IMF Connect, including the IMF Flagship Publications and documents and statements for the IMFC. Publically available IMFC documents and statements will also be posted on the joint Spring Meetings website.

For assistance with submitting or accessing official documents please contact the Documents Team by email at or by phone at (202) 623-6760.


IMFC Members' Statements


Statements intended for circulation to members, Executive Directors, and Fund management should be sent vail email to the SECAI, SECOP, and SEC, DOCSUBMIT mailboxes, preferably by noon on Wednesday, April 10. These statements will be circulated electronically when received, and posted on IMF Connect. Members should also indicate in their email whether they wish to have a statement placed on the Fund’s external website, including whether the text should be posted on the website immediately or at the conclusion of the meeting.


Other Document Related Services


Document Translations - Requests for translation of Spring Meetings-related documents should be submitted through the usual channels established for IMF/WBG translation requests. Should you require additional information or experience any difficulty in submitting your translation requests, please contact the Chief Translator's Office (

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During the 2019 Spring Meetings there will be no dedicated transportation service between the airports and the Meetings Campus or Official Hotels. Participants are advised to arrange for their own transportation.

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Hotel accommodations have been reserved in selected Washington hotels (designated as “official” Meetings hotels) to meet the expected delegation requirements. Delegations are requested to contact their preferred hotel directly to make reservations. Please see the information below on the hotel booking for country delegations.

• Procedures for Hotel Reservations
• Room Block Request Form
• Sub-block Reservations Instructions
• Rate Sheet for Official Hotels 
• Hotel Map


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For information on travel to Washington D.C., please view the official District of Columbia government website.

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Emergency Contacts

Emergency: 202-623-9911 (IMF) /
202-458-8888 (WBG)

Medical Services: 202-458-0822


Thomas  Bonaker

(202) 623-6797


Nermin Demir

(202) 623-7733

Events Services

Soledad Swerdlow

(202) 623-5452

Business Centers

Isabel Cheng

(202) 623-9921


(202) 623-6760