Governors’ Statements—Procedures for Videos and Text

Governors may elect one of three options for delivering their Annual Meetings statements: (1) pre-recorded on video; (2) recorded at the studio located in Fund Headquarters 1 (HQ1-1-588) during the week of the 2016 Annual Meetings; or (3) submitted as written text only. The attached provides instructions for preparation and submission of written statements and technical specifications for video recordings.


Governors’ Speeches—Format Options, Key Dates and Technical Specifications


Options Key Dates Technical Specifications and Details

Option 1 – Pre-recorded video statements Governors may pre-record their statements on video before the Annual Meetings.

If choosing this option, a written statement should be provided together with the recording.


September 19–October 5

Submission of pre-recorded Governors’ videos


October 6

Videos and statements posted on the external Annual Meetings website.

See Sections AB, below, for detailed specifications and submission procedures





Option 2 – Recording video statements on-site

Governors may have their statements video recorded on location during the Annual Meetings. Executive Directors’ offices should request the scheduling of a video recording session.


If choosing this option, a written statement should be submitted no later than 1 hour before the beginning of the session.


September 19– October 5

Period for scheduling onsite video recording; Requests should be communicated through the office of the Executive Director representing the Governor. Requests should be e-mailed to (See sample e-mail template).

October 6–8 (10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

October 9 (10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.)

Recording of Governors’ videos.

Studio in the HQ1-1-588 will be available to video record Governors’ statements daily during October 6–8, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,

and October 9, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Recording will take place in 30-minute sessions, during pre- assigned time slots at the studio


Refer to page 6 for scheduling information.

Option 3 – Statements without video recording Governors may elect to submit written statements without a video.


September 19–October 9

Written statements may be submitted, by e-mail to,

October 6

Posting of written statements on the external Annual Meetings website

See sample for formatting and submission procedures.

Specifications for Recorded Videos


As in the past, Governors’ statements should express the Governors’ views on economic and financial issues that relate to the agendas of the Annual Meetings.

Length of Video Recording—Single- and Multi-Country Statements

Videos should not exceed 6 minutes for an individual Governor’s statement or 10 minutes for Governors’ statements on behalf of groups of countries. Text length should not exceed 2¼ or 4 pages respectively.

If multi-country statements are submitted in video format, the speaker should indicate that he or she represents a multi-country constituency view.


Governors’ video recorded statements will be made available to the public during the course of the Annual Meetings. They will be posted on the Annual Meetings website, and broadcast on multi-media screens and accessible on interactive devices throughout the Annual Meetings venues.

Turnaround Time for Broadcasting

a).  Video recordings that meet the specified technical criteria and are received by Wednesday,October 5, will be posted on
      Thursday, October 6.          

b).  Video recordings produced at the Annual Meetings’ studio will be posted shortly after the completion of the recording  

Technical Specifications and Operational Details

To ensure consistency of presentation and communication, videos should display only the image of the Governor presenting the statement and should not contain Power Point slides, video clips, pictures of events, or any other content. Technical specifications and operational details are set out below.

Option 1—Pre-Recorded Video Statements

A.  Specifications

Note: There may be delays in posting videos that do not meet these specifications.

•   Recordings should be of professional quality in high or standard broadcast definition. Submissions should be on one of
     these two options:  

o   DVCPro video tape, 16:9 aspect ratio, NTSC preferred

o   Media File with no compression, delivered on a Solid State Media device to minimize the chance of damage during

•   20 seconds of black should be recorded at the head of the submission and at the tail of the submission. Do not fade in or
     out of the video remarks.  

•   A lavaliere clip-type microphone should be attached to the speaker’s clothing. Speakers should be prompted to begin
     reading their message after a 2 second video pre-roll.  

•  Media File - mov, mp4, mxf, mts, etc.

•  No Compression - Native size (16:9) and Frame Rate (e.g. 1920x1080 or 1280x720 using PAL or NTSC frame rates)
    Web-type compressed video file formats cannot be used (wmv, flv, asf)  

•  Solid State Media - USB Memory Stick, Flash Drive, Memory Card.

•  Video content cannot be accepted via e-mail.

•  Standard 3-point lighting preferred.

•  Background: plain, medium blue (PMS 300).

• Framing: medium close-up as shown above.

Speaker: addressing the camera (please use teleprompter), without looking down at prepared notes.

• No photos or flags in the video background.

• No captioning, subtitles, or text on the video.

B. Submission

Governors’ pre-recorded videos and accompanying written statements may be submitted by courier service, such as DHL or Fedex, to:

          IMF:                      Katheryn Fletcher
                                       The International Monetary Fund
                                       HQ1 12-100 700 19th Street N.W.
                                       Washington, DC 20431

Note: Please do not submit video files by email.

Statements will be broadcast starting on Thursday, October 6.  For statements delivered in languages other than English, the speaker must provide the written statements in both the spoken language and English. Governors should also provide a passport size photograph (portrait) in jpeg format for posting with their statements.


Option 2—Recording Video Statements
during the Annual Meetings

The scheduling of a recording session will commence on Monday, September 19 through Wednesday, October 5. The duration of each recording session is 30 minutes.

Executive Directors’ offices should book recording times for their Governors by sending an e- mail to The date and time of scheduled video recording will be confirmed by return e-mail.

Requests should include the following information:



From: (Coordinator in ED Office [Name and phone number])     

Subject: Reservation Request for Video Recording of Governor’s Statement in Lima, Peru       

The office of Ms./Mr.                     requests that a recording session be scheduled for one of the following dates and times, sorted by preference, for Governor_                                                          _(Name)

of                                             (Country or Group of Countries).                  

The Governor will be delivering his/her statement in                             _ (Language).

Option 1          __________________________(Date),  ______________(Time)

Option 2          __________________________(Date),  ______________(Time)

Option 3          __________________________(Date),  ______________(Time)


Prior to the scheduled recording, please provide by e-mail to

•  The statement text, in Microsoft Word format, to be displayed on the teleprompter (at least 1 hour before the scheduled 
    video recording session

•  For statements delivered in languages other than English, the speaker must provide the written statements in both the  
    spoken language and English.

•  A passport size photograph (portrait) in jpeg format for posting with the video and written statement. If a photograph is          not available prior to the recording session, please send it as soon as possible.


Option 3—Statements without Video Recording

Governors may opt to submit the text of statements without a video recording. These statements will be posted on the public Annual Meetings website, beginning on Thursday, October 6.

Preparation and Submission of Statements

The Annual Meetings template for Governors’ statements should be used to prepare the version that will be submitted for posting on the external Annual Meetings website. Statements should be formatted in Microsoft Word—single space, Times New Roman, 12 point, and submitted together with a jpeg file containing a passport-sized photo of the Governor or Alternate Governor whose statement is being provided.

Accessing Template—Instructions for IMF Executive Directors’ Offices

To use the template, launch Word, and do the following:

• From the menu bar (see below), select IMF.

• Select the Annual Meetings template.

• Fill in the template as appropriate.

How to Submit the Final Statement for Web Posting

After the statement is ready for issuance, it should be e-mailed to When submitting a statement, please upload both the Word file containing the final statement and a jpeg file containing a photograph of the Governor or Alternate Governor whose statement is being submitted.

Statements must be submitted to the Meetings Team Secretariat Documents and Records Office by 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 9.

Availability of Final Statements

Statements will be posted on IMF Connect, the external Annual Meetings website and on monitors throughout the Meeting venues. Please contact for assistance with locating the statements online.

Contact Points

For questions on the use of the template or submission procedures, please contact one of the following:

Kathy Fletcher (

Brandon Baker-Rice (, or

Annual Meetings Documents and Records Office(