METAC provides hands-on technical advice in banking supervision and regulation, public financial management, revenue administration, and macroeconomic statistics. To this end, the Center identifies and designs measures needed to strengthen specific aspects of economic and financial management in member countries; prepares detailed implementation plans based on the diagnosis undertaken by the IMF Headquarters and provide assistance to member countries to implement these plans; and review proposals by governments for consistency with internationally agreed standards. The Center also organizes seminars and workshops to strengthen the skills of officials to formulate and manage effective macroeconomic and financial policies. These activities are undertaken by the Center’s resident advisers or by experts hired by METAC from the IMF roster.

Banking Supervision

Public Financial Management

Revenue Administration



The Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center (METAC) goal provides capacity development to its 14 member countries, with the aim to strengthen their institutional and human capacity to design and implement macroeconomic and financial policies that promote growth and reduce poverty. METAC member countries are:

Regional Workshops

In addition to bilateral technical assistance and national workshops, METAC organizes regional seminars and workshops, providing member countries with opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and to disseminate good practices.