Fiscal Year 2019 

Technical Assistance

Banking Supervision (October 21 - November 1)

METAC continued its TA to the Central Bank of Djibouti aimed at upgrading its regulatory framework. This entailed updating the regulation on capital adequacy ratio in line with the requirements of Basel II/Basel III with respect to the calculation of risk-weighted assets, and following-up on the implementation of the draft regulations proposed during the March 2018 mission on corporate governance, credit risk management, interbank risk management, and foreign exchange risk management. The mission also assessed progress made by the authorities in implementing the recommendations identified in METAC’s TA report of October 2016.

Statistics (August 26 - September 6)

METAC assisted the Directorate of Statistics and Demographic Studies (DISED) of Djibouti in restoring and developing further the national accounts. The mission focused on strengthening the sources and procedures for quick GDP estimates, thus improving the timeliness of national accounts data, with a view to support economic analysis and the government economic policy formulation. The mission also assisted the DISED in disseminating the 2013-2017 GDP series, a milestone for end September 2018 and helped the staff in updating the methodological description of sources and methods for national accounts compilation.

Technical Assistance and Training: