Fiscal Year 2020

Technical Assistance

Banking Supervision (October 20-24)

METAC provided capacity building to the staff and management of the Credit Information and Scoring Agency (CIASA) of the Central Bank of Sudan and assisted them in improving the functioning of the credit register. This assistance followed up on the progress made in implementing the outstanding recommendations of a June 2018 mission, and included evaluating the progress of the launch of the credit scoring system, and assessing the conversion of the CIASA database to the “National Identification Number”. A special attention was given to the reporting from micro finance Institutions to CIASA.

Public Financial Management (February 16-25)

The mission trained members of the Fiscal Risk Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning on: (i) how to identify and complete the next steps in a roadmap for reporting on fiscal risks; and (ii) how to assess macroeconomic risks and risks from subnational governments.

Revenue Administration (December 9-19)

METAC assisted the Sudan Tax Chamber (STC) in improving compliance risk management, on the basis of work done in 2018 establishing an organizational structure to support risk-based compliance. The additional support provided covered the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks for inclusion in the compliance risk register. Advice was also provided on the requirements for developing a medium-term compliance program, and related governance issues. A short training session on the principles and various approaches to risk-based compliance management was also delivered.